What Bricklaying Qualifications do you need?

If you’re thinking about training to become a bricklayer then it’s important to first understand what qualifications you’ll need and what training courses will get you trained to the required standard needed to achieve those qualifications, as well as teaching you the skills to start a career as a bricklayer.

To become a bricklayer you do not need any formal qualifications, you may however find it difficult to get any work these days without having a qualification such as a NVQ in bricklaying or at the very least a City & Guilds Bricklaying certificate.

The City and Guilds are the industry’s education standards body who set out the required skills and best practices. So whatever training course you sign up for, make sure that the training centre is City & Guilds accredited. That way you’ll know you’ll be getting trained to the correct standards to able to gain the qualifications you need to start work as a bricklayer.

The City & Guilds (6217) Bricklaying Course is a good starting point if you’re considering training to become a fully qualified bricklayer with no previous experience in the building trade, during the course which will usually take between 6 – 8 weeks you will study the theory of bricklaying as well as the practical hands on training. Once you successfully complete the course you will be given the City & Guilds (6217) Bricklaying Certificate.

how to become a bricklayer?

Once successfully completed and you’ve gained the bricklaying certificate you should be able to enter the work place as a bricklayer and employers will recognise that you have been trained to the required standards to be able to start work.

The City & Guilds (6217) course is intended to train you to a high enough standard to enable you gain a Bricklaying NVQ. You gain a NVQ once you arrange with a NVQ assessor to come out and watch you do various bricklaying works in a real work environment. You’ll basically be observed so that you can demonstrate that you can put into practise what you have learned the City & Guilds course.

After you have been assessed on various bricklaying tasks, the assessor will sign you off and you will have been award a Bricklaying NVQ Level 2, and you could now consider yourself a fully qualified bricklayer.