Practical Bricklaying Training

The Intensive bricklaying courses are available throughout the U.K., and you’ll be getting your hands dirty laying down bricks from from day one – as what you learn through practical training you will quickly absorb until laying bricks becomes second nature to you. The training will teach you hands on the skills you will need to know when you get on a construction site.

For Example:

  • Lay bricks and blocks
  • Selecting the right Bricks and Blocks
  • Selecting the right Materials, tools.
  • Choose and Make the correct bonds.
  • Single and double Walls, cavity walls.
  • Using a variety of bricklaying techniques to match a job.
  • Create brick patterns, using speciality bricks.
  • Mortar beds, techniques, special finishing techniques, mortar skills.

Getting your Bricklaying City & Guilds Certificate

To be able to start your career as a bricklayer you will first need to gain your City & Guilds Bricklaying Certificate.

To be awarded the bricklaying certificate you must successfully complete:

  • Constructing block wall
  • Working with stretcher bond walling
  • Constructing cavity wall with recess
  • Working with stepped foundation using block work
  • Working with timber frame in brickwork
  • Constructing cavity wall using precast stone arch
  • Constructing brick and block gable end

Your courses provider will make sure you are more than ready to complete these tasks competently.

Once you have your city & guilds you will want to gain your NVQ which you will need to be assessed in a place of work by a examiner.