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NVQ Level 2 Bricklaying

NVQ Level 2 Bricklaying

If you want to get a NVQ in bricklaying the answer is yes and it’s called the Trowel Occupations – NVQ Level 2. If you are a new to bricklaying then the recommended course to take to get you up…

City & Guilds 6217 Bricklaying Certificate

City & Guilds 6217 Bricklaying

If you are considering training to become a bricklayer then this course is a great way to start, the City & Guilds 6217 Bricklaying Certificate includes most things necessary to enable you to go on to achieve the National recognised…

What Bricklaying Qualifications do you need?

Bricklaying Qualifications

If you’re thinking about training to become a bricklayer then it’s important to first understand what qualifications you’ll need and what training courses will get you trained to the required standard needed to achieve those qualifications, as well as teaching…

How to retrain as a bricklayer?

retrain as a bricklayer

If you are thinking about a change of career and a fresh start then retraining as a bricklayer is definitely a choice you should consider. There is still a shortage of skilled trades’ people in the UK so even though…

Practical Bricklaying Training

Practical Bricklaying Training

The Intensive bricklaying courses are available throughout the U.K., and you’ll be getting your hands dirty laying down bricks from from day one – as what you learn through practical training you will quickly absorb until laying bricks becomes second…